Smart multi-functional machine for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, and food

New technologies in production and processing systems offer constant improvements, particularly in terms of reducing consumption of raw materials and energy.

Keeping a close eye on everything thanks to digitalization

Eirich presents digital solutions for increased efficiency in service and production plants

Excellent slurries and continuous coater supply

EIRICH to present trailblazing process technology for lithium-ion batter-ies at the Battery Show Europe 2021

Award recognizes excellence in young academic researchers and provides new impetus for the refractory industry

Gustav Eirich Award 2021 Dissertation from Germany wins first prize at the International Colloquium for Refractories

Atik Metal and a renowned vehicle manufacturer both invest in quality and the environment

Saving resources and energy with a molding sand preparation system from EIRICH

Development and production of high-performance materials for combustion chambers in gas turbines – using mixing technology from EIRICH

Electric current, or electric energy to be more precise, is at the heart of what makes a progressive, advanced society tick.

Granulation of salts

Dust is often produced in the mining and processing of salts. With the aid of Eirich mixing and pelletizing technology, this dust can be commercially exploited.

Destruction of grains during mixing of lightweight concrete

The use of lightweight concrete for the production of bricks and prefabricated parts is currently a major trend. The aggregates are offered in a range of grain sizes, and the amounts used in the recipes follow pre-defined particle size distribution curves.

Georg Huber Betonsteine chooses EIRICH for its core concrete production

Core concrete of the best quality - Georg Huber Betonsteine has decided on it and uses EIRICH mixing technology. The company is of the opinion that too little importance is attached to the core concrete and that the core concrete is an important parameter for the profitability of the products.

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