Preparation of special materials

In the ceramic industry, special materials are playing an increasingly important role in the targeted
further development of ceramic products and the opening up of new areas of application.

Eirich offers such solutions combined with the experience requiered and is therefore the
ideal partner for developing new applications with special materials.


Fiber materials
The unique capabilities of the Eirich intensive mixer prove particularly useful in the preparation of fiber materials. This mixer can first be used for the separation of any type of fibres and subsequently for coating them gently with fillers and binders.

  • carbon ceramics
  • fiber-reinforced ceramics

Injection molding compounds
The production of injection molding compounds and extrusion bodies, e.g. for sintered metal and carbide, is performed particularly quickly and economically thanks to the special Eirich working principle:

  • one and the same mixer can homogenize, coat, knead, disperse and cool
  • effective power input results in intensive mixing and kneading
  • the customary preparation times of normally several hours are drastically reduced to just several minutes in some cases
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