Concrete processing with Eirich mixing technology

Eirich concrete mixing technology has an excellent international reputation. Engineers and architects working on a large number
of projects around the world know that they can rely on the dependability and versatility of Eirich mixing systems.

Eirich mixers can easily produce concrete of any consistency. They can be adjusted to handle any type of raw material properties.
They are synonymous with reproducible top-quality results for any type of concrete.

The list of products includes:
  • concrete for roofing tiles
  • facing concrete
  • railroad tie concrete
  • foamed concrete
  • fiber concrete
  • self-compacting concrete
  • polymer concrete
  • sulfur concrete
  • high-strength concrete
  • ultra high-strength concrete
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Quality concrete with EIRICH mixing technology

Benefit statement
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Mixing Technology for High-Grade Building Materials

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QualiMaster - Rheology with the EIRICH Intensive Mixer

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EIRICH Intensive mixer Type R12

Benefit statement
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Mixing Technology for Concretes

Benefit statement
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Minimize scrape, save money

Benefit statement
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Mixing Technology for Polymer Concrete

Technical report
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Why does not any concrete mixer perform well?