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Anuga FoodTec: Eirich presents sustainable, resource-efficient solutions for complex production processes

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The expert in mixing and preparation technology is making a major push into the food sector in 2024 and will be presenting its products as part of its hands-on, practical exhibition at the international trade fair in Cologne in March. As a cross-industry trendsetter, the company aims to actively drive the development of new products using sustainable methods and to highlight new options for optimization. With CleanLine C5, Eirich will be providing interested parties with new insight into production, as well as offering live tasting sessions at its booth.

Hardheim, December 2023: As a major international trade fair, Anuga FoodTec brings together all the key suppliers in the food production sector – from processing to packaging and storage. The “hidden champion” from Hardheim/Germany will be making the most of this platform to show off its mixing technology to experts, trendsetters, and potential clients, as well as highlighting innovative potential applications. With CleanLine C5, Eirich now offers a machine that meets the exacting standards of the food industry for applications in which good hygiene and avoidance of contamination are vital.

The mixer can be used to run through multiple separate process steps – either one after the other or overlapping. It is regarded as a processing multitalent for product development and small-scale production.

All-rounder masters complex preparation techniques

Thanks to its multifunctional capabilities, the C5 mixer is able to replace multiple previous machines. The food processor performs a range of process steps – such as mixing, granulating, coating, kneading, dispersing, dissolving, encapsulation, and drying – in a single mixing chamber. This one-pot method reduces interfaces and transfer points, boosts efficiency, and minimizes risk of contamination at the same time. Thanks to the highly flexible Eirich mixing principle with a rotating mixing pan and the eccentrically mounted mixing tool with variable speed and reversible direction of operation, the system ensures complete agitation of the material with every rotation of the mixing pan. Additional options such as mixing under vacuum or the double-jacket design for controlled temperature conditioning (heating and cooling) offer further options for e.g. the production of temperature-sensitive products or for thermally controlled processes.

Digital recipe management and the option of accessing visualized process data and logs/reports via the display and analysis tool “Eirich ProView” make development processes considerably easier and assist with quality monitoring.

A practical solution: unique mixing technology reduces conditioning requirements

The C5 mixer can be used for a wide range of applications in product development and small-scale production. Thanks to the special mixing principle, the mixer is suitable both for the production of compounds/mixtures e.g. for protein bars as well as for the processing of products in powder or granulate form, including coating/encapsulation of sour and sugar coatings with fats or wax. While the latter process is currently often still performed in fluidized-bed/air-slide bed systems, in the C5 it is possible to generate a mechanical fluidized bed, as a result of which it is no longer necessary to condition the moisture and temperature of large volumes of air. Other products can e.g. also be protected against oxidation with this type of encapsulation.

Once sour coatings have rendered insusceptible to moisture in this way, they are a popular product for coating fruit gummy sweets.

Anuga FoodTec is the international trade fair for innovative developments in the food and beverages industry. The trade fair will take place from March 19-22, 2024 in Cologne. The Eirich stand can be found in hall 10.1 at booth B039.