Eirich offers tried and tested solutions at the highest technical level for the following applications:

  • Mechanical waste processing
  • Recovery and recycling of valuable substances
  • Treatment plants for residue from waste incineration and power stations

Recycling + Disposal

  • Dusts / filter dusts
    The dust is bound through agglomeration or pelletization in order to optimize recycling, handling, transport, storage, depositing in landfills.

  • Ashes
    The ashes are conditioned through processes of mixing, cooling, reaction, dust binding, degassing and are recycled as a building material
    or deposited in landfills.

  • Slurries / filter cake
    Conditioning through mixing/homogenization, drying, granulating for recycling, continued use e.g. in thermal processes, volume and weight reduction or processing into a condition suitable for depositing in a landfill.

  • Secondary fuels
    Mixing/homogenization under inert gas condition of solvent-containing materials with the help of carrier substances like sawdust.

  • Gypsum
    Conditioning for reuse in the building materials industry.

Parts of the process which are no longer needed

Thanks to the Eirich technology used, it is often possible to do without separate equipment for the treatment of residual materials or for the recycling of valuable resources. Good examples are the Evactherm®  and Evacmix ® process developed by Eirich which have proved particularly successful in applications for processing slurries and lumpy materials.

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