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Eirich launches Product Finder – a new website tool that provides an immersive overview of the company’s diverse world of products

The mixing expert from Hardheim in Germany is expanding its digital services for customers

Hardheim, February 2024: Eirich offers an extensive product portfolio covering a wide range of applications across different fields of industry. Following on from the kind of product search services that have become the norm in the B2C sector, the company will now use the new tool to guide potential customers to help them find the perfect match. Since the start of the year, interested parties have been able to enter their requirements and needs in the tool and see which of Eirich's many products would be the perfect mixer for their particular field of application.

This digital guide is designed for small-scale and laboratory mixers up to a capacity of 150 liters, which are used as free-standing solutions at the customer with no need for line integration planning. The search tool intuitively guides users through specifications and options before offering the matching mixer at the end of the process. Further options and accessories can also be selected with just a few additional clicks. Afterwards, a summary with a clear overview of the product requirements can be sent to the sales team, who will draw up a tailor-made offer.

The system will check all the key parameters required to find a suitable solution:

  • Required volume (0.3 L to 150 L)
  • Machine design (options: hinged cover and tilting mixing pan)
  • Application (which raw materials will be processed, and what process steps will take place - what is the desired end product?)
  • Information about the process (including the temperature range)
  • Controller (Basic or Premium)
  • Equipment and accessories

“Our goal is to help our customers find the right products faster. To do this, we offer customers a simple way to take a first step and explore the diverse world of laboratory and small-scale mixers at Eirich. With our Product Finder, we guide them through our wide portfolio and collect initial information about product specifications and process requirements. What would have taken many work steps with multiple phone calls and e-mails before, now works with just a few clicks,” explains Philipp Pahl, Product Manager at Eirich. “The tool is not intended to replace personal contact and advice from our experts but will instead assist them and help them to optimize their work. After working with the tool, customers will have already done some homework and will be much better informed about the products we offer, which makes it easier for us to serve them much more directly,” explains Pahl.

Over the coming weeks, internal and external feedback will be collected and used to develop and refine the Product Finder tool. The goal is to ensure continuous optimization of workflow and customer service. The valuable findings from demand trends will, in turn, be fed back to the specialist departments to help them meet customer wishes even better in the future.

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