Ever higher requirements are being placed on technical ceramics –
and this also means increasing demands for the processing systems.

Today, an Eirich mixer can be used to homogenize, granulate, plasticize, suspend, cool or heat (up to 300°C) as well for reactions – and all this in a single machine.

Thanks to innovative solutions, even the strictest demands in terms of material purity can be met.

This has made Eirich mixers the first choice for decades now in the processing of oxide and non-oxide ceramics, composite materials, and technical silicate ceramics.

New technical ceramic products are constantly being developed. Eirich has always worked hand-in-hand with scientific and research institutions to carry out industrial production trials.

At the Eirich test center we can offer your process engineers mixer sizes ranging from 1 – 400 liters and a number of different grinding systems to cover a wide range of test capacities.

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Material processing solutions for the ceramic industry

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The Eirich test centre for process technology