Preparation Technology for Friction Lining Compounds

Eirich mixing systems have been used for years by many satisfied producers in the friction lining industry.
They provide obvious advantages and deliver excellent results for all types of linings used in the production
of bicycles, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, rail vehicles and in industrial applications.

What you can expect from Eirich

  • Eirich systems provide the complete solution of ready-to-press mixed batch compound
  • Eirich offers and delivers the complete package, from initial mixing trials in our fully equipped test center to the delivery of a complete turnkey solution

Unique features of Eirich mixing systems

  • Phenolic resin in powder or liquid form can be processed with one and the same mixer, achieving perfect repeatable results batch after batch
  • Precise and defined opening of fibers without additional chopper tools
  • Low tool wear
  • Excellent mixing quality with outstanding, unparalleled mixing results
  • Short mixing times

On the safe side with Eirich mixing technology

  • Unparalleled mixing quality without risk to de-mix (regardless of the bulk density spectrum)
  • Compliance with explosion protection regulations such as ATEX
  • The Eirich mixer can also produce wet mixes without any design changes

Achieve top performance with Eirich technology

  • Highly efficient preparation in around 5 – 15 minutes
  • The design of the mixers completely and safely excludes the possibility of lump formation on the mixing tools
  • Good accessibility of the mixer for a good cleaning result

The EVACMIX® process developed by Eirich has proven to be very effective for solvent recovery.
By reducing the vapor pressure which in turn lowers the boiling point, the solvent escapes from the mix as a gas.


  • The result is an almost solvent-free mix
  • Highly homogeneous ready-to-press granulate with a moisture content ≤1%
  • As required, the product can be cooled back down at the end of batch processing
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Preparation Technology for Friction Lining Compounds