EIRICH technology drastically reduces mixing times for resin-bonded friction coating compounds - down to a few minutes

Resin-bonded friction lining compounds are normally made from a mixture of different fibers together with organic and inorganic solids.

Titanium dioxide – on the safe side with EIRICH granulation technology

Powders make a lot of dust. Breathing in dust particles that cannot be broken down by the body can trigger inflammation processes in the lungs.

New EIRICH mixer taken into operation with great success at Vishay Electronic GmbH, Selb (Germany)

EIRICH mixers have been used in many preparation processes in the technical ceramics industry for decades, and thanks to their underlying design and system layout, these mixers can perform mixing, granulating, coating, kneading and dispersing.

Mixer Replacement in Only Four Days at Bernhard Jäger Betonwerk

EIRICH mixers have a reputation for extreme durability. Bernhard Jäger Betonwerk GmbH & Co. KG is another case in point. The company decided to replace a mixer that it had used in production for more than 25 years.

GSES GmbH chooses granulating technology from EIRICH

One of the main business areas of Glückauf Sondershausen Entwicklungs- und Sicherungsgesellschaft mbH (GSES GmbH) is the backfilling of abandoned mine workings left over from salt mining operations in the Sondershausen region.

Energy-efficient torque drives now also available for EIRICH mixers

Permanent-magnet synchronous motors, which are also known as torque or high-torque motors, are rapidly becoming established as the standard solution for more and more applications – and now also in mixing technology.

New NPK fertilizer plant with EIRICH technology in Turkey

More and more renowned fertilizer manufacturers are seeking out the advantages of our preparation technology, which enables mixing and granulating to be performed in a single unit.

Foundry KUTES Metal in Turkey places its trust in EIRICH molding material preparation

In recent years, EIRICH has been able to deliver several molding material prepara-tion systems to Turkey.

Pioneering mixing technology for the production of friction linings

Friction linings in the form of brake and clutch linings on the basis of organic binders are highly important products. Kinetic energy is converted into heat by friction.

EIRICH granulating technology for the conditioning of short carbon fibers

Carbon fibers in the form of continuous fiber fabrics or cut fibers are used to strengthen and reinforce other materials, such as plastics.