Electronic monitoring of the “health” of your machine

Condition monitoring revolves around determining the condition of the machine based on the measurement and analysis of physical parameters. Sensors supply data in real time. The continuous analysis enables trends to be highlighted and possible damage to components to be identified before a failure actually occurs.



  • Safeguarding of machine and system availability
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Prevention of unscheduled standstills
  • Planned repairs instead of “emergency situations”
  • Early detection of incipient damage
  • Timely procurement of spare parts

With a sensor system, long-term archiving and trend display

  • Early detection of crashes, bearing damage, imbalance, gearing faults and wear
  • Status display with simple traffic-light logic, warning messages and alarms
  • Graphical presentation of status over time for better assessment of the course of the damage and detailed analyses afterwards

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