Development and production of high-performance materials for combustion chambers in gas turbines – using mixing technology from EIRICH

Electric current, or electric energy to be more precise, is at the heart of what makes a progressive, advanced society tick.

Granulation of salts

Dust is often produced in the mining and processing of salts. With the aid of Eirich mixing and pelletizing technology, this dust can be commercially exploited.

Destruction of grains during mixing of lightweight concrete

The use of lightweight concrete for the production of bricks and prefabricated parts is currently a major trend. The aggregates are offered in a range of grain sizes, and the amounts used in the recipes follow pre-defined particle size distribution curves.

Georg Huber Betonsteine chooses EIRICH for its core concrete production

Core concrete of the best quality - Georg Huber Betonsteine has decided on it and uses EIRICH mixing technology. The company is of the opinion that too little importance is attached to the core concrete and that the core concrete is an important parameter for the profitability of the products.

There is something more, that we can do for you ...

For more than 150 years, EIRICH has been synonymous with pioneering spirit, innovation, quality and customer proximity.

Beton Müller opts for mixing technology from EIRICH for its new production line in Achern

Concrete plant Beton Müller develops, produces, and sells precast concrete components for civil engineering. The company is family-owned and can look back on 125 years of company history. Production takes place at three sites in Baden-Württemberg in Achern, Breisach and Kirchardt.

ECREF looks forward to entries for the Gustav Eirich Award

At the International Colloquium on Refractories in Aachen on 28 September 2021 the GEA Gustav Eirich Award will be awarded for the 12. time. The aim of the ECREF European Centre for Refractories gem. Gmbh in awarding the GEA is to purposefully promote young graduates throughout the world and disseminate knowledge.

Refractory company in Taiwan decides to use mixing technology from EIRICH for the preparation of unshaped refractory mixes

There are a large number of companies worldwide that manufacture refractory products and offer kiln linings, e.g. for the production of aluminum, iron and steel, glass, ceramics or cement. Standards distinguish between "shaped products" (bricks) and "unshaped products" (which include castables and also ramming mixes or plastic mixes).

EIRICH seminar events “Practical Know-How – Mixing, Granulating, Kneading and Dispersing” planned to restart in June 2021

In many industries, the procedural steps of mixing, granulating, kneading, and dispersing represent the quality-defining stage in production. EIRICH offers free one-day training events at the company’s headquarters in Hardheim four times a year.

Koblenz University of Applied Sciences decides for preparation of compounds for additive manufacturing for EIRICH mixer

Additive manufacturing, usually referred to as 3D printing, has become increasingly important in many industries in recent decades.