EIRICH seminar events “Practical Know-How – Mixing, Granulating, Kneading and Dispersing” planned to restart in June 2021

In many industries, the procedural steps of mixing, granulating, kneading, and dispersing represent the quality-defining stage in production. EIRICH offers free one-day training events at the company’s headquarters in Hardheim four times a year.

Koblenz University of Applied Sciences decides for preparation of compounds for additive manufacturing for EIRICH mixer

Additive manufacturing, usually referred to as 3D printing, has become increasingly important in many industries in recent decades.

High demand for ATEX-compliant Eirich mixer among manufacturers of friction linings

Friction linings in the form of brake and clutch linings on the basis of organic binding agents play a very important role in modern engineering.

Positive trend continues for the use of EIRICH preparation technology for lead-acid batteries in the construction of new plants and production capacity upgrades

Lead-acid batteries are enjoying steady yearly production growth. The Eirich vacuum technology known as the EVACTHERM method has been available for production for several decades, and around 120 EVACTHERM plants are currently operational around the world.

Consistency measurements in EIRICH production mixers and rheological measurements in laboratory mixers

The consistency of fresh concrete is a measure of its rigidity and workability. In the European Standards, concrete consistency is divided into the following consistency classes: very rigid, rigid, plastic, soft, very soft, flowable, and highly flowable.

Chinese plant designers rely on EIRICH and "Made in Germany"

Chinese plant designers and their customers repeatedly rely for iron ore processing on mixing technology from EIRICH and Made in Germany

EIRICH mixer for the University of Cambridge

The performance of the compulsory mixer with rotating mixing pan and eccentrically arranged mixing tool, known as an Eirich mixer, has been described in many publications in various industries as the best available mixing technology.

EIRICH observes an increasing demand for mixers for fibre concretes

For many applications, fibres are added to concretes, especially to improve the cracking and fracture behavior. The brittleness of the concrete matrix decreases when fibres are added, making the concrete more ductile and better able to resist bending stresses.

EIRICH preparation technology in the recovery and recycling of dumpsite materials

During the smelting of raw ore materials, dusts are produced that still contain small amounts of metals. In the past, these dusts were dumped in overground storage sites. For a long time it was not a commercially viable proposition to recover the remaining metals from these waste materials, partly because of the relatively low metal prices.

Large zeolite manufacturer in China optimizes production with granulation technology from EIRICH

The company has been manufacturing synthetic zeolite powders since 2002. The company has earned a good reputation among its customers in the areas of air separation and purification, petrochemical & refining, and the painting & coating industry.