EIRICH granulating technology excels in treatment of fly ash from municipal waste incineration

Residual material left over from municipal waste incineration is an integral part of today's raw material industry.

Stockschläder opts for next-generation EIRICH mixer in core con-crete production

The D23 which was presented to the trade public at bauma 2016 is the latest gen-eration of the D series mixers which have a horizontal mixing pan and rotor.

Nordkalk launches production of AtriGran – with systems engineering from EIRICH

Nordkalk is the leading manufacturer of high-quality limes and limestone-based products in Northern Europe.

Dry mixes and plastic compounds from a single machine - how is that possible?

Products with different consistencies are made in a number of industries, e.g. dry mixes, granulate, press bodies and plastic compounds.

Production systems for refractory castables continue to grow

Like other "unshaped products", such as ramming bodies or plastic bodies, castables have seen a steady upswing for decades, while the production of "shaped products" (largely refractory bricks) has declined proportionately.

Manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries and supercaps rely on mixing technology from EIRICH

High-tech products such as lithium-ion batteries or supercaps have a complicated design and layout.

EIRICH granulating technology – now also available for finer granulates

In the ceramic and chemical industry, it is often necessary to manufacture granulates from powders or powder mixtures.

EIRICH Mixers Excel with Polymer Concrete

Industrial production of construction elements (e.g. pipe) made of cement-based concrete began in Europe around 1850.

Skeleton to use EIRICH mixing systems in the production of ultracapacitors

Ultracapacitors are electrochemical capacitors that are used as high-performance energy storage devices.