Technical University of Denmark joins the ranks of devotees of EIRICH mixing technology

Since the introduction in 2005 of the “mixer with sequence automation and process data control,” initially known as the “mixer with university control,” more than 50 institutions around the world have utilized this technology in their mixers.

When it comes to facing concrete, EIRICH delivers on other mixer manufacturers’ promises

Just like in all other areas of technology, fundamental changes and innovations have also made their way into the world of mixing technology over the last 150 years.

First 5000-liter EIRICH mixer for the precast parts industry in the Singapore region

The market for precast concrete parts is booming in Southeast Asia, with acceptance also high in the private housing construction sector. Quality demands are such that state-of-the-art technology is required for production. Poh Cheong from Singapore has modernized its factory in Malaysia – with mixing technology from EIRICH.

A popular choice: EIRICH systems for the preparation of compounds for graphite electrodes

In the production of compounds for graphite electrodes, coke is mixed with pitch and additives at temperatures around 180°C. This process is a key factor in determining the quality of the final product; as well as optimizing the mixing of all the recipe ingredients, it is necessary to fill the pores of the coke as best possible with pitch and to coat each and every coke particle with pitch.

Quick and easy graphical analysis of mixer and process data – with ProView from EIRICH

ProView process data visualization is a universal tool that is not tied to any spe-cific platform, enabling efficient analysis of operating data. It can be used on a PC in the office or on a tablet or smartphone while on the move.

Ukrainian foundry M-LIT invests with the focus on future

With the future development of the global foundry industry in mind, the foundry M-LIT Nikopol Tubing Armature Plant, Ltd is investing in the modernization of its plants. The goal is to continue to manufacture the required castings to the highest quality standards and to ensure efficient production of high-quality valves and fittings for the oil & gas industry as well as for water supply.

Precast parts for the James-Simon Gallery in Berlin – a masterpiece from the Dressler precast component factory, achieved with the aid of mixing technology from EIRICH

On July 13, 2019 the James-Simon Gallery in Berlin was opened. It serves as a central reception building for the five museums on Berlin’s Museum Island. The building was constructed with reinforced concrete in the architectural concrete class SB 4 and with precast components made of architectural concrete.

EIRICH receives increased orders for the preparation of extruded fiber-reinforced concrete

Fibers – preferably steel, glass or plastic fibers – are added to concrete to improve its cracking and fracture behavior. In order to achieve the expected properties, the fibers need to be distributed as evenly as possible in the concrete.

EIRICH mixing granulators part of the Granulation Course at the University of Sheffield

Very few institutes and universities in Europe have in-depth expertise in granulation technology. Every year, the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems (IKTS) in Dresden offers basic and advanced courses for customers in the ceramics industry.

Ferrexpo Poltava Mining from Ukraine chooses EIRICH mixing technology again for processing of fine ore for pelletizing

Fine ores need to be conditioned before they can be formed into pellets on disk pelletizers or in mixing drums. Added solids need to be mixed in optimally, and the moisture of the material needs to be as uniform as possible.