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Ukrainian foundry M-LIT invests with the focus on future

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With the future development of the global foundry industry in mind, the foundry M-LIT Nikopol Tubing Armature Plant, Ltd is investing in the modernization of its plants. The goal is to continue to manufacture the required castings to the highest quality standards and to ensure efficient production of high-quality valves and fittings for the oil & gas industry as well as for water supply. In all areas, M-LIT has engaged the relevant technology market leaders to help design and implement these goals. For the modernization of the molding material preparation system, M-LIT opted in favor of Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich. With this planning and implementation of this future-oriented concept realized the state-of-the-art molding material preparation plant in Ukraine.

Modernization of the foundry is intended to increase the stability of processes, both on the productivity side and in terms of quality, so the tasks for planning the new molding material preparation system almost defined themselves.

At the heart of the new molding material preparation plant is an EIRICH intensive mixer with an effective volume of 2250 liters. Further parts of the plant include the sand cooler, polygonal screen, silos and the batching and weighing system. The complete conveying technology, dust extraction and steel structure are also part of the concept. A tailor-made control solution is used to optimally coordinate all the processes in the molding material cycle. Thanks to end-to-end data integration and the networked production and planning processes, all process, product and quality-related information is available at any place at any time.

With the measurement options for compactability and shear strength, which are measured per batch with the aid of the QualiMaster AT1, the molding material preparation system offers a further component element segment for comprehensive quality assurance. The measured values are transmitted via suitable interfaces to the control system and are used for automatic correction of the water content and thus of the compactability and the bentonite content, which has a direct influence on the strength of the mold.

The commissioning of the new molding line and molding material preparation system took place in autumn 2018. By choosing EIRICH, M-LIT opted for a future-proof and economical technology. The new systems will enable M-LIT to strengthen its position as manufacturer of high-quality castings.

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