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New line increases production capacity at Swiss fertilizer manufacturer Hauert

Demand for fertilizer continues to grow. Private and commercial customers also expect continuous improvement in quality and processability. The products must meet high standards, but production also has to be efficient and cost-effective. EIRICH mixing and granulation equipment delivers exactly that. The list of customers which have placed orders with EIRICH in recent years includes well-known producers in Germany, Finnland, Poland and Switzerland. The equipment provided to Hauert HBG Dünger AG in Grossaffoltern, Switzerland is now operational.

EIRICH supplied a new production line with multiple mixers. Hauert is a well-known supplier of special fertilizers, fertilizers for commercial horticulture and nurseries, fertilizers for landscaping and sports facilities, nutrients for organic agriculture and fertilizers for the house and hobby market. The fertilizers were originally sold as powder, but starting in 1969 they were produced as granulate using a wet granulating process with an EIRICH DZ 22 mixer.

The contract included engineering development for the entire production line which was installed in an existing building at the Suberg site. Drawing up the plans for the different systems on the line presented a major challenge for the EIRICH project team. Besides the mixing granulators, EIRICH supplied all of the conveyor equipment for the raw materials as well as the equipment for treatment, storage and transport of the fertilizer premix and for dosing, weighing, fluid bed drying and classification. EIRICH also provided the steelwork including the engineering design as well as the line control system, and it carried out installation of the line which is now operational.

Why did Hauert choose EIRICH? Hauert has been using an EIRICH mixer in production for nearly 50 years. The company was aware that this mixer with rotating mixing pan and a mixing tool which can deliver low to extremely high mixing energy as required is equally suited for mixing, granulating and coating. The new line can handle a large variety of products, making it a good investment for the long term. The EIRICH mixer now used for granulating (Type R, with inclined mixing pan) delivers even better mixing and granulating performance. The mixing tool, called the rotor, can run at speeds above 30 m/s depending on the application. Only two small bottom scrapers are needed on the mixing tool to prevent the buildup of deposits, and that is a characteristic feature of this mixing system. The power input (a result of friction) into the bottom of the pan is minimal. The tool can run at high speeds (generating high power input into the mixture) without causing heavy wear.

For the fertilizer producer, this means that materials of all types and consistencies can be processed quickly and at high quality. Fluids are distributed very rapidly. Binder consumption can normally be reduced (due to better distribution in the mixer). The durability of EIRICH mixers also contributes to cost-efficiency in production. Mixers which were purchased more than 60 years ago are still running in many industries.

The name Hauert is synonymous with leading-edge fertilizers. This investment gives the company the capability to market a broad portfolio of organic and organic mineral fertilizers in different variations.

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