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ECREF looks forward to entries for the Gustav Eirich Award

At the International Colloquium on Refractories in Aachen on 28 September 2021 the GEA Gustav Eirich Award will be awarded for the 12. time. The aim of the ECREF European Centre for Refractories gem. Gmbh (the scientific institution of the German Refractories Association) in awarding the GEA is to purposefully promote young graduates throughout the world and disseminate knowledge.

Entries can still be submitted (at the ECREF website at, where further details are also available) up to the closing date of 31 May 2021. The accepted subject matters for a paper are refractory-based topicsand topics dealing with studies on materials classified under the term "high-temperature materials". Besides doctorate theses, also independent academic papers are qualified for submission for the award if their scien-tific content is equivalent to a doctorate thesis, e.g. habilitation theses or other post-doctorate papers. Since concluding the studies no more than two years may have passed.

An international jury (with jurors from Germany, France, Austria, Poland, Spain and the USA) will be evaluating the entries and selecting the three prize winners, that can win 3.000€, 2.000€ or 1.000€.


EIRICH funds the GEA in recognition of the fact that the EIRICH mixerhas been used in the refractories industry throughout the world ever since it was invented in 1924. It superseded mullers and kneaders at that time, making it possible to produce better/higher quality materials. With further innovations today’s EIRICH mixers (for mixing, granulating, kneading or disperging) now offer low-wearing service in other industries in which raw materials such as corundum or silicon carbide are used as well.


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