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Concrete specialist Mutzel opts for Eirich mixing technology

The quality demands placed on concrete goods such as paving stones and bricks are constantly rising. In order to save resources during production and to make production more efficient, the concrete specialist Hans Mutzel Bauunternehmung GmbH from Unterallgäu in Germany has decided to choose mixing technology from Eirich. The new machinery has been up and running since March 2022.

Hardheim, July 2022: A long-established company with a great tradition, Eirich has already been well known for over 110 years for its unique and efficient mixing technology. Many manufacturers in the concrete industry also use the Eirich mixer. One of these is the family-run company Mutzel, which for over 120 years has been producing concrete goods and precast concrete components using raw materials sourced from the region. Mutzel recently decided to modernize its own production facilities, and is now using two Eirich mixers.

Paving stones usually consist of two different concrete layers – the facing concrete (mixer 1), which is designed to provide a visually appealing surface and is used to create the shape/design of the surface, and the coarse concrete underneath (mixer 2), which is responsible for the strength and stability of the stones. Here, the processing of facing concrete is very challenging, as flaws, defects, or lower-quality mixing quality in the facing concrete will mean rejection in production. Thanks to the new Eirich mixer, this level of rejections in production has now been reduced by more than 50%. A uniform, homogeneous mixture forms the basis for a good bond between the facing concrete and the coarse concrete. In addition, it was found that the uniform processing also allows more water to be added to the mixture, which results in increased strength and stability of the stone. The shorter batch processing times lead to higher throughput rates – with high reproducibility. Thanks to the improved fine distribution in the mixture, concrete specialists can also make savings in terms of coloring agents and binders. This is why so many manufacturers rely on the technology from Eirich.

Stefan Berberich, Project Engineer at Eirich: ”In recent times, the industry has been struggling with resource scarcity and is constantly on the lookout for sustainable technologies that will help them to save resources. In addition, quality demands are steadily rising in the concrete industry. We are delighted that Mutzel has decided to choose our efficient Eirich mixing technology.”

“As a long-standing company with a great tradition and a specialist in the concrete industry, we are always on the lookout for new solutions that will enable us to offer our customers the best-possible quality. Here, the primary focus is on sustainability and efficiency. With Eirich mixing technology we can do all of this. We are incredibly delighted to be working with Eirich,” says CEO Christian Mutzel.