EIRICH Control Technology 4.0

Control solutions for your molding sand preparation system - all from one source!

The path to good molding sand in 4 steps

1. Moisture detection
2. Compactability control with QualiMaster AT1
3. Shear strength control QualiMaster AT1
4. Preventive molding sand control with SandExpert
4. Präventive Formsandsteuerung mit SandExpert

Perfect software tool for quality assurance

  • Preventive molding sand control based on mold data and wear factors
  • Basic version available as SandReport for continuous recording and analysis of batch data
  • Easy operation and graphical representation of the complete system
  • Detailed status display of all sensors and actuators of mixer and system components
  • Standard features include formula management, batch logging, measured-value recording and many others
  • Direct data exchange between SandExpert and ERP databases
  • All current database systems and data file formats are supported
  • Batch logs, mold data, formulas and laboratory data can be transmitted
  • Online measurement and visualization of the prepared sand distribution on the entire conveying system
  • Improved retention of the molding sand properties by demand-oriented filling of the molding machine silos
  • Reduced wear on belts and scrapers
  • Module for remote support of machines and systems
  • Efficient technical assistance
  • Faster reaction times resulting in increased system availability
  • Software tool for increasing system availability
  • Spare and wear parts requirement determined on the basis of operating data
  • Optimizing the require manpower by means of work schedules with maintenance jobs and service intervals
  • History of maintenance jobs performed
  • Identification of installed components by graphical navigation in the general system layout
  • Simplification of spare parts inquiry and order process
  • Quick access to the complete documentation of the EIRICH supply scope
  • Module for online condition monitoring of your machine
  • Preventing unplanned downtimes
  • Enables a just-in-time ordering of spare parts, thus reduced stockkeeping
  • Central parameter setting of linked sensors (also via EIRICH teleservice)
  • Sensor replacement without special parameter setting tools
  • Increased operational reliability by self-monitoring sensor technology

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Control Solutions for molding sand preparation