Molding sand for the efficient production of castings

State-of-the-art compacting technology for sand molds can make a significant contribution to casting
efficiency provided that the molding sand consistently meets stringent quality criteria.

The most important quality criteria for molding sand are:

  • Exact compliance with compactibility specifications
  • Excellent flowability
  • Uniform strength values
  • Optimal gas permeability

The Eirich mixing system is ideally suited to meet this requirements profile:

  • Perfect homogenization of return sand, new sand and additives
  • Fast, complete distribution of the water which is added to the mix
  • Sufficient duration of the wet mixing phases
  • The bentonite is completely dispersed and forms a uniform coating on the grains of sand

The Eirich mixing system with its unique advantages produces top quality sand with excellent reproducibility.


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