The QualiMaster AT1 is the heart of the quality assurance system

Our AT1 is available in 3 different versions:

Our QualiMaster AT1 Eco is supplied with a web interface and the innovative ProView process data visualization software. Even if the moisture in your preparation process is not recorded, our entry model measures and logs up to three values per batch on the compactability of the molding material.
This gives you the possibility of rapidly spotting trends in the development of compactability.
You control the moisture manually.

Thinking of leasing the QualiMaster AT1 as a standalone device?
No problem – we’ll make it possible..


Whether you’re interested in a new EIRICH molding material preparation facility with QualiMaster quality system or want to replace your inline testing unit, we recommend a device that enables you to measure at least shear strength in addition to compactability.


Want to add further measuring options?
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If you insist on the very best quality, our QualiMaster AT1 ProfiPlus system gives you a high-end solution that equips you ideally for new challenges. Perfect your processes and get ready for autonomous molding material preparation.

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QualiMaster SandReport

The SandReport software is your tool for production analysis of the entire molding material preparation system.

ProView process data visualization gives you an insight into current and historic measured values. The SandReport software takes you a step further. It obtains all relevant batch data such as dosing values and molding material parameters from the molding material system, the AC1 moisture correction system and the AT1 inline testing unit. Presentation of the batch data with functions such as measuring data acquisition, laboratory data input, graphical and statistical analysis allows comprehensive production analysis and ensures optimum traceability. This enables SandReport to offer support in quality assurance.


QualiMaster SandExpert

The SandExpert software is your tool for preventive molding material control.

The benefits to you:
Stable processes, low energy and resource consumption


Homogeneous return sand


  • Continuously networked processes
  • Ideal for frequent model changes