myEirich ensures you are always up to speed. The web application means you can find out about the status of your service order and track the shipping status online.

Our ServiceExpert ECD software offers a simple way of managing all the documentation required for the Eirich scope of supply, enabling the safe operation, adjustment and handling of all constituent parts.

An electronic spare parts catalog also allows the intuitive identification of installed components. The user-friendly presentation ensures simple access to engineering drawings, images and photos for each part. A zoom function gives detailed insight down to subassembly level, enabling even the smallest component to be identified quickly, easily and unambiguously. The package is rounded off by the ServiceExpert ECD software, which allows the required machine and system components to be stored and the order process started directly by e-mail.

It goes without saying that a full document search function is also available.



  • Speedy access to the documentation for the complete Eirich scope of supply
  • Independent identification of the original Eirich parts via graphical navigation through a structure tree
  • Optimized order handling of original Eirich parts

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