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Eirich Augmented Reality Services with TeamViewer Pilot

Maximize your productivity, reduce down times and save the time and money of business trips. With your Eirich AR Services, the expert sees what the engineer on site sees, thanks to a smartphone camera or smart glasses. The expert can then use the advanced 3D object tracking system to “mark” the display with arrows, notes and markings that make it easy for the user to follow the expert’s instructions. And the notes “stick” to the referenced real objects even when the camera moves away.


The new LIDAR technology, which is also used in self-driving cars, for instance, improves the ability to track objects even further, because surfaces, objects and their relative distance to the camera are detected with even greater precision.

Smart glasses are now an everyday sight in workshops, plants and service activities. Assist AR Lite can be integrated seamlessly into all standard systems. This capability means the engineer's hands remain free to perform the work that is needed to support the customer.


    The advantages to you:

    • Lower travel time and costs
    • Fast, flexible support even over great distances
    • Higher productivity



    • Service on site or remotely
    • In-plant production acceptance processes
    • Virtual inspections, product presentations
    • Virtual plant tours