Services includes comprehensive customer service for EIRICH machinery and systems

Securing optimum operating conditions throughout the whole lifecycle

The Condition Monitoring system revolves around the determination of the machine condition on
the basis of the measurement and analysis of physical parameters on functional elements.
Sensors supply data in real time. This data is analyzed on a continuous basis, which enables trends
to be highlighted and possible damage to components to be identified before failure actually occurs.

The advantages at-a-glance:

  • Guaranteed machine and system availability
  • Cuts in maintenance costs
  • Maintenance and repair work can be planned in advance

Our service technicians are available to you promptly for regular maintenance work and offer you professional support when it comes to repair work.

The advantages to you:

  • Increased machine availability
  • Guaranteed high production level
  • Maintenance of operational reliability

Let the experts take a look at your production.

We use our expertise to the benefit of your efficiency with future-oriented consulting from
our experts.
We provide the “Conversion and Modernization” service.

The advantages to you:

  • Quick and straightforward conversion to new technology
  • Increased efficiency thanks to technical improvement
  • Tailored solutions

With our customer training service, we offer you a program of training which is specifically tailored
to your preparation system.
Your staff, qualified on the basis of our training, make the most of the potential of the machine or system and therefore create a direct competitive advantage.

The advantages to you:

  • Upgrading of the skills of your personnel, e.g. in the handling of unscheduled machine down-times
  • Effective deployment of your machines and systems
  • Reduced induction times
  • Higher level of work safety

The installation, commissioning and attending to production in the start-up phase of machinery and systems is the first step in LifeCycle Service from EIRICH.
For us it starts with the site supervision before delivery, which is part and parcel of the package.

Our worldwide presence enables us to identify local obligations at an early stage and to meet them
in full.

No matter which components you need for your EIRICH machine or system with original parts from EIRICH you are always on the safe side.

EIRICH original parts

  • fit "like a glove" on your machine or system every time and therefore keep downtimes and repair times to a minimum
  • are designed for long service lifes and therefore lead the field in terms of comparative costs over the total lifecycle
  • help your machine or system to maintain its value
  • meet the highest standards in terms of quality

Optimum consulting and fast, reliable service offer you further advantages:

  • Quick turnaround times on spare parts orders placed at short notice
  • Express delivery service
  • Software solutions for part identification and maintenance strategies

ECD online ordering system

  • Software solution to facilitate the identification of parts
  • Customer portal with online access
  • Easy, graphically guided identification of spare parts
  • The documentation of your machine or equipment shown in the system is always up-to-date, i.e. it includes all known technical modifications
  • The selected shopping cart can be transmitted onlne to EIRICH

The quality of EIRICH original parts often makes repair the cheapest alternative. The parts are
given a general overhaul at the factory, then tested and made available again in as-new quality.

The advantages to you:

  • Reduced costs thanks to re-use of your EIRICH original parts
  • Guaranteed quality and production reliability
  • Technical improvements will be used to benefit the repairs

Would you like to return original parts for repair?
Please use the following return delivery note for fast and simple handling.

Our rental unit park featuring a comprehensive selection of machinery and aggregates is a special service that we offer to you.

It includes mixers with effective volumes of 1 l to 750 l, along with molding sand aerators and disk pelletizers or special tools. We will gladly hire them out to you for a period of your choosing. The provision of expert advice on integration in your production flows is for us part and parcel of this service.

The low-cost service without technicians on site, with remote service and remote fault diagnostics.

Are you keen to avoid long repair times? Then place your faith in our teleservice! Our specialists analyze machine and process data and help pinpoint the problem from a remote location.

Corrective action can be initiated immediately, and customized software updates can be performedwithout a presence on site. In every case the precondition for access to your system’s control system is your express authorization.

The advantages to you:

  • Faster problem resolution, because a service call may not be necessary
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Increased system availability due to the prevention of production stoppages

Wear protection can vary considerably:

Different types and designs of wear protectionare needed to achieve the best possible results,depending on the product material and the degreeof stress from impacts and abrasion. EIRICH has decades of experience in the development and use of wear protection solutions.

As a customer, you get the benefit of this know-how in several ways:

  • You can always be sure of obtaining the right wear protection solution for your specific application
  • Exceedingly long service lifes are assured
  • Significantly reduced downtimes and maintenance times
  • EIRICH wear parts give you the assurance of unbeatable cost-efficiency when measured over the total lifecycle
Schnellwechselsystem SmartFix / Quick-change system SmartFix

The clever quick-change system for beaters

  • Replacement of individual beaters within shortest times
  • Suitable for all EIRICH mixers and also for retrofitting
  • No need to replace the whole system, existing parts can continue to be used

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EIRICH Service - Directly from the manufacturer