Premiere at Anuga FoodTec: EIRICH presents the CleanLine series – multifunctional processors for the food industry

Multiple process operations as single-pot processing in just one unit – this is what the brand new CleanLine series from EIRICH stands for, which has been newly developed to meet the demands of the food industry. The multi-functional processors are designed to meet the highest quality standards and deliver best product results.

According to its list of exhibitors, the Anuga FoodTec trade fair will present machines for either agglomerating, coating, dispersing, emulsifying, granulating, kneading, dissolving, mixing or suspending. The new EIRICH CleanLine processors, which will be presented to the market for the first time, can perform all these actions in just a single machine.

The processors have a rotating container of the type familiar from other units. This container feeds the material that is to be processed to a mixing tool. The unique feature of EIRICH is the fact that the tool can run at any speed up to 30 m/s – with or against the direction of rotation of the container. As a result, the power input into the mix can be carefully adapted to the relevant process and to its specific requirements. 

This is the reason why these machines can mix, granulate, coat, knead and disperse, with processing times in the range of minutes. This opens up countless potential applications, e.g. granulates of the highest quality with maximum control over the granulate properties, dry and wet dispersion with maximum deagglomeration or the processing of high to low-viscosity kneading compounds with selective energy input and reproducible quality parameters.

The advantages of this technology have been used in many industries for decades. The multi-functional mixers are successfully in operation all around the world in a range of different industries. The process know-how that has been built up is now made available to the food industry for the first time. Processes that previously required several units in series can now be performed in a single machine.

The CleanLine series has been designed with a focus on ease of cleaning and short setup times. Where necessary, heating or cooling can also be provided during processing. The first machine in the new CleanLine product line offers a usable capacity of 50 liters, and further sizes are due to be added.

At Anuga FoodTec, EIRICH is looking forward to meeting visitors from the food industry who are looking to simplify their production setup. The company's know-how and expertise, which has been built up by process specialists and engineers over a period of 150 years, is available with the backing of an international group of companies with offices and representatives all around the world. The EIRICH trade fair booth is located in Hall 10.1, Stand G088.

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Contact: Henrik Moelleken, e-mail: henrik.moelleken@eirich.de