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A complete one-stop solution

One-stop plant engineering solutions from EIRICH not only mean that you get everything from a single supplier – but you also get a lot more in the way of service than from a "normal" plant engineering company. Every investor can enjoy the benefits of a portfolio of services which ranges from the initial ideas right up to commissioning and beyond.
Processes    Engineering     Machines and equipment   Service
EIRICH offers plant concepts for all of the above types of building project with the lowest possible number of organizational interfaces. This ensures that the project is handled extremely efficiently, with consistent implementation from the planning stage right through to commissioning. At the same time it also ensures that the same high quality standards are applied everywhere in the world.
If the conditions at the site permit, EIRICH are capable of installing completely new technology even while the plant is running.
The use of state-of-the-art modular plant technology also offers additional benefits which can drastically reduce on-site outlay.